Heart Longings

As I sit here I look out the window and dream of a far off land,

an island with jungles and beaches of warm sand.

On this island is a lady fair and true,

Who holds my heart in her hands like glue.

Ah but to touch those lips,

While my arms are on her hips.

Time passes slowly as we get to know each other

Each day the feelings grow stronger for the lovers.

One teaches the other of her land,

He absorbs the knowledge as fast as he can.

Like two star crossed lovers fated to be,

They enjoy talking with each other with glee.

Truth be told they feel as though they have known each other forever,

In a past life their love has transcended time and space to die never.

I ponder and wonder where has she been,

Fate is a fickle thing not to be seen.

It has brought us together,

That we may lay together in heather.

One day together we will be,

The rest of the world will be jealous wait and see.# (Eneshka Nolo)