How Happy They Are


I was with them, when I visit my mum at the village.  I bring this kids going around with dokar/ Andong (traditional public transportation in my hometown). A dokar is the jiggling, horse-drawn cart found throughout Indonesia. The two-wheeled carts are usually brightly coloured with decorative motifs and bells; the small horses or ponies often have long tassels attached to their bridle. A typical dokar has bench seating on either side, which can comfortably fit three or four persons. However, their owners often try to pack in more than that plus bags of rice!

The boy is 2,5 years old (my niece’s son), and the girl is 4 years old (my other niece’s daughter).  I was telling them about something (with my crazy imagination, created myself), they felt my story is funny… look at that.. they are laughing.  Looking this pic is always make me miss them terribly.  Miss you Syarif & Adeela.#


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