Unique Village “Penglipuran”, Bangli

Penglipuran Village – Bali is a very famous tourist attraction among tourists both local and foreign countries. However, many tourists who only know bali tourist attraction in the monotony of the beach and other natural attractions. Basically not only presents the tourist attractions of the beach or natural attractions that alone, but also cultural tourism and bali custom which is very thick and we should visit.  I was here with niece : Thursday, 27 April 2017, company her in her holiday 🙂

Penglipuran Village, indigenous village of Bali which is very thick with their harmony and togetherness. This village is located in village camp, bangli district, bangli-Bali district. This village has been awarded Kalpataru award.

Kalpataru Is Kalpataru is an award given to individuals or groups for their services in preserving the environment in Indonesia. Kalpataru itself is Sanskrit meaning tree of life (Kalpavriksha).# Wikipedia

Besides earning the Kalpataru award, Penglipuran Villagewas also designated as a tourist village by the bangli district government in 1995. Since then, the village has been increasingly visited by tourists who want to know how the wisdom that occurs in this penglipuran village.

According to the surrounding community, the word ‘penglipuran’ is taken from the word Pengeling Pura which has the meaning of a sacred place intended to commemorate the ancestors. Discussing the ancestors, it turns out that the people who live in this village are very high in mandate from their ancestors. Evident from the formation of village penglipuran very priority to this harmony. The most striking feature of this village is that the traditional architecture of the village has on average an exact same architecture from the village end to the other.

This uniqueness makes the village of penglipuran very beautiful with a very neat symmetry arranged between 1 house with other house. The gates in each house facing each other are only limited by the small main road in the middle. The gate is called Angkul-angkul (typical Balinese gate) which also has the same architecture as the angkul-angkul of every house in this village. The main road in the village of penglipuran leads to the main part of the village which is at the highest peak.

To enter the area of ​​Penglipuran Village, we are not allowed to use cars or motorcycles. The vehicle should be parked in a large parking area and not far from penglipuran village tourist area. To be able to enter this village, we just pay a Idr 15K  only and we can see how beautiful harmony that is intertwined between families in this village .

First we enter the area of ​​this village, you will be served a very cool and fresh atmosphere, it is because this area is 700 meters above sea level. In addition, the village is cool due to the absence of pollution caused by motor vehicles in the village of Penglipuran. The whole area of ​​the village is about 112 hectares, not too tired if you walk through this village on foot while enjoying the beauty around the Penglipuran Village.

Around the village entrance gate there is an area called catus pata which is an area consisting of village hall, community facilities, and green open spaces in the form of a beautiful park

In the vicinity of the village’s main road, we will not find scattered rubbish littering this place despite the many trees that grow around the road. Quite the contrary, the streets are very clean. So if we intend to dump garbage in this area, think a thousand times to do it. In addition in every corner of this village there will be a lot of garbage provided to accommodate garbage.

If we want to travel to this village, it’s good to  travel near the galungan holiday or after the galungan holiday. Galungan holiday is a big Hindu religious holiday in Bali which is commemorated every 210 days (should be check again?). When that day, we will see penjor (Hindu Means in the form of long bamboo trees with their ends adorned and plugged in front of the yard of the house) that adorn every house in this village. There will be bali girls dressed in Balinese customs who carry banten/ offering to the temple.

The physical arrangement of this village has been handed down from generation to generation by their ancestors, the community in Penglipuran village always holds the Balinese philosophy which is called ‘Tri Hitakarana’ philosophy. This philosophy teaches us to always harmonize the relationship between human and  neighbors, human with environment and human with God.#

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  1. When you dream in places of dreams and where your imagination can fly to the inaccessible, we think of Bali. Excellent your review that takes us to that paradise. The photos are the best.

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