Eroded Feeling

Your feelings eroded
Thinning feelings
Float feelings
Sinking feelings
It has been lost

Your taste of value is bland
No Honed
No longer Value of sense
Vanish of Sense
It’s dull & died

You are not able to distinguish
Cannot find the sense anymore
Asking more, asking more
Forgetting how’s giving

Where the good
Where the bad
Everything is the same


(note for unthankful attitude).

There is A New Dream

Expressing anxiety
Conveying concerns
With the gentle words

Trying to open your eyes
Trying to wake up your understanding
You do not care, defend yourself

Sarcastically your words
I stroked my chest
And gradually relented

Cutting the line is the right way
Stick nails on the same footing
It’s not deserve to do this time

Looking for the best direction
Forgetting the old soul
Hugging the right dream

There is a new dream.#