Thank You, for Today

His face was slightly covered in a worn hat, his skin was dark and the way he walked was not perfect. The sharp strokes of his face revealed 80 years of age. Old Man, who is supposed to rest at home, enjoys hot tea while joking with his dear grandchildren. Ah, that seems like my dream. This old man is different, he stands in front of the gate of my house and says repeatedly: “Excuse me sir … Excuse me”.

I approached him.

—- Old man: “Sorry, don’t be angry, Ms, can I ask you for 2 thousand (Idr 2,000)?”

—- Me: “Yes sir, come in first.”

I returned with drinking water for him. He refused to sit on the chair, he chose to sit on the floor of the terrace, and I was forced to stand.

—- Old Man: “Sorry, I don’t have a job yet.”

—- Me: “Usually what your job?”

—- Old Man: “Building work, ms.”

Oh Allah, he is old with this with rheumatic diseases that made him walk imperfectly, he still works for life. From Jember to Bali, there is a great need for intention. I was lucky I could listen him telling his stories. I am lucky, God gave me a pinch to always be grateful. HE reminded me with sending the Old Man, because I had forgotten to be grateful. And I’m lucky to be given a way to do small things for other. Thank you, Alloh, for today. #

Bahasa Indonesia

Mukanya sedikit tertutup topi yang lusuh & usang, kulitnya gelap dan cara berjalannya tidak sempurna.  Guratan-guratan tajam mukanya menampakkan umurnya 80 tahuan.  Pak Tua, yang sudah seharusnya beristirahat di rumah, menikmati teh hangat sambil bercanda dengan cucu-cucu tersayang.  Ah, itu sepertinya impian saya saja.  Pak Tua yang ini beda, dia berdiri di depan gerbang rumah saya sambil berulang-ulang berkata : “ Permisi Pak… Permisi.”

Aku pun mendekatinya.

—-Pak Tua : “Maaf, jangan marah ya mbak, apakah boleh saya meminta uang 2 ribu?”

—-Saya : “Ya Pak, masuk dulu.”

Saya kembali dengan air minum untuk Pak Tua. Dia menolak untuk duduk di kursi, dia memilih duduk di lantai teras rumah, dan saya pun terpaksa berdiri.

—-Pak Tua : “Maaf, saya belum ada pekerjaan.”

—-Saya : “Biasanya kerja apa, Pak?”

—-Pak Tua : “Kerja bangunan, mbak.”

Ya Alloh, setua ini dengan penyakit rematik yang membuatnya berjalan tidak sempurna, dia masih bekerja, mencari nafkah untuk hidup.  Dari Jember merantau ke Bali, diperlukan niat yang besar.  Saya beruntung bisa mendengarkan Pak Tua ini bercerita.  Saya beruntung, Tuhan memberi saya sentilan untuk selalu bersyukur.  DIA mengingatkan saya melalui Pak Tua itu, karena saya telah lupa bersyukur.  Dan saya beruntung dikasih jalan untuk melakukan hal kecil untuk orang lain. Terima kasih ya Alloh, untuk hari ini.#.


Be my Side

The pain that pierces you
A groan that I can not hear anymore
A complaint that sings my heart
Emotionally blowing up the soul

My rope loosen up
My mouth is silenced
Tears in tears
Unable to say a word
Accidentally my mouth I key
Avoid the dirty word piercing

I grip your finger
I feel the skin getting dry
I give you a smile
I looked your eyes
Should I give up
in this pebble?

I can not fight alone
Though there is a God with me
Get up …
Be aware
Walk by my side
Give your gratitude
just a little…

Let’s fight together.#.

You are Here

I paint
A beautiful story
IIn the clouds
No Trace

Drawing without pen
Coloring without paint
Blending the  colors of life
Seems so faultless

Giving a meaning
with a million hopes
Filling of millions of greatness of soul
the conscience of the filter

with conscience
when  my painting is erroneous

I counted
without totalizer
Experience a cornerstone

My life is so serene, tranquil

I realized
You are here,  exist for me,
in my bone marrow
in my  vein
in my bloodstream

My Providence.#.

Contrary Thought to Increase Our Grateful

When we would say bad things,

we should think about the dumb.

When we started to complain about our food taste,

we should think about someone who does not have anything to eat.

When we are going to complain about our spouses,

we should think about a person who was crying begging a companion .

When we started to complain about our lives,

we should think about the people who face the Lord quickly.

When we started to complain about our children,

we should think about someone who wanted children but they are barren .

As we will argue about our house is dirty because someone did not clean or sweep our homes,
we should  think about the people who live on the streets .

When we are going to complain about the distance we drive ,
we should think about a person who travel like us , but he/ she walks.

When we are tired and complain about our work,

we should think about the unemployed who wish they had a job like us.

And when depressing thoughts seem to be dropping us,
we should put a smile on ourr face and thank God that we are alive and have what we have now.#