My Kebaya for Eid Mubarak

When Lebaran/ Eid Muvarak come, my husband and I visited mother’s house in Salatiga (Central Java), Indonesia. My husband and I live in Bali. Celebrating Lebaran for a week, I need to be more efficient to choose clothes to carry, which is not difficult to carry, especially when my husband was in an unhealthy condition, he must use crutches to walk.

I was thinking oto bring 1 suitcase only for  two of us. My  idea was to bring clothes for myself  very simple:
– kebaya 3 pcs
– 1 pc saroong
– 1 pc skirt
– other are shorts and T-shirts for sleeping

When talking about kebaya sometimes that occurred in the head is a clothing that is not flexible to wear to various events. A formal model makes us feel kebaya is only suitable for use only.

But, as long as we know how to choose and mix-match,  we can use simple kebaya during Lebaran (Eid Mubarak).  Staying beautiful, polite, and not reducing the meaning of  Eid Mubarak.

These are my mix-match for Eid Mubarak 2017:

The first Day :

Go to the mosque & tomb:
Where father, grandmother, grandfather and grandmother are buried



2nd Day : Met Neighbors


3nd Day : Posterity Meeting




My Culture is My Day


NOTE: mostly this pics took by my niece, Faiha, she is 8 years old.  My outfit is  Culture of Indonesia, we call it kebaya.  The originl kebaya is long Sleeves.

Kebaya is Character of Indonesia

The wealth of the archipelago into an iconic fashion attractive as the hallmark of Indonesia which is known for its diversity.

Kebaya is now a lot of worn clothing choices in a variety of events, such as graduation, wedding, and more. Many areas in Indonesia also use this type of clothing. Kebaya is the national dress of Indonesia.

Kebaya shows the character of Indonesian culture that always puts the modesty of dress, both in formal and informal. By stitching follows the curves show graceful and feminine nature.

Here are some pictures when I wear kebaya for everyday activities, including yoga (see the green kebaya). I wore kebaya inspired by #perempuanberkebaya Indonesia, and I feel proud and love to wear this kebaya. Unfortunately, I have not been able to wear it every day. Very sad

Let’s love our own culture.#.

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