Inspirational Guy


I met him when I would practice yoga in Jerman Beach, Bali. While waiting, I spoke to him. He came from East Java, and stays in Denpasar, Bali. He sells boiled peanuts, around Kuta beach.  He is walking.  The Peanut prices are Idr 2 k.

When I saw there was a little boy who asked for peanuts, he gives the kid without asking  money. I just paid attention about this. And then, the child ran to her father. The father of the child is surprised to see him bringing peanuts. He immediately turned around and pay to the peanut vendors. Peanut vendors refused and said “it’s okay, No need to pay. ” The father of the kid was insist to keep paying.

I can imagine how much money obtained from selling the peanuts, but he’s still willing to give free to the little boy who wants it. How many people are good like this can we meet? I feel inspired by his attitude  who reached out to others.  Hope I can still find people who have a big heart like him.#.

I’m Lucky Living in Indonesia

Do you see fork here? Yes you are right.  No forks on the table.  Fork is not Java Culture.  We use spoon sometimes, but mostly we eat with right hand.


Rice for 8 people
2 grilled carp
1 papaya flower – stir-fry
1 plecing kangkung – is spicy kale (stir fry), originally from Lombok
1 genjer stir-fry
Fried bananas


Thats what we drink :Young Coconut, Coffee, Mineral water, Juice


How to eat with hand, Javaneese culture and Islam culture


We finished it till so clean. How much it cost for 8 people? Total around IDR 350.000,-
Surprised? Me too. I am lucky I live in Indonesia, still so cheap 😀

Let’s  See what the view around us, meanwhile we eat


I feel vey lucky living in Indonesia, not just beautiful, but also cheaper, especially in Central Java.#

Hok Tek Bio Temple, Salatiga

07 Feb 2016, my family and I came to the temple named Hok Tek Bio in Salatiga, Central Java, Indonesia.  That was my holiday with family in my hometown.  08 Feb 2016 was Chineese New Year, so the Hok Tek Bio looks so beautiful.  All was Red and very interesting.


Places of Worship Tri Dharma commonly called Hok Tek Bio temple Tiek Hok Bio.  It located in Jalan Sukowati. Hok Tek Bio is a historical witness about entry of Buddhism in Salatiga.  And along the way, Shrine Hok Bio Tiek it became a symbol of the presence of Tri Dharma adherents, namely the combination of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism.

The influence of the teachings of Buddha had actually been going on very long. It is marked with the number found in the form of commemorative statues, yoni and inscriptions with a pattern of Hindu / Buddhist. The establishment of this temple signifies the influx of Chinese influence to this Faithful Heart City. It was not known exactly when the influence of the diaspora have entered into Salatiga which was once the fief of this. But from the identification of a number of historians, the influx of Chinese influence in Salatiga predicted to occur along with the Chinese movement to Surakarta (Solo) in the year 1740-1741.

Pagoda predominantly red and golden yellow was built around 1872. It is not clear who’s character has the idea of ​​the construction of the pagoda that has nine altar (table worship) is. But certainly, this pagoda stands on donations followers Tri Dharma at that time. The names of the churches that contributed stated in the inscription that was on the east wall of the main room with Chinese writing. The red color symbolizes happiness and success. Medium golden yellow color has a meaning divinity / religious (religusitas).

Nine altars are located in nine spaces. An open space at the front of the main building whose shape resembles the letter T upside to this is the worship space Thian Than (God Almighty). The middle room which is the main hall there is the altar of the God of Earth (Hok Tek Ching Sien) and other gods and bodyguards. To the east of the main hall there are two worship space, the space worship the Goddess of Mercy (Co Mak Kwan Im) and the worship of the god Rezeki space. While in the west the main room also has two worship space, the Goddess worship space Marine (Mak Co Thian Siang Sing Bo) and the worship space smiling Buddha (Buddha smiling).

Separated from the main building, in the west there are buildings stretching to the north containing three worship space. The most northern space is contained Siddharta Gautama Buddha altar. The middle room there is an altar Thay Lo Sang Kun and most eastern room there is an altar Prophet Confucianism. One of the uniqueness of the temple Hok Bio Tiek is there a round tampa made of bamboo hanging from the ceiling space worship God of Earth.

The black color that caused by candles smokes and swa hio is  a warning not to swear in the temple, except by court order.

For those who take an oath at the temple, but the oath was a lie, believed to be the person who swore it would receive a substantial risk of what he was doing. Its about people belief in this temple. I cannot tell about true or not, but I have huge respect about this.# (various sources)