Simple Reminder for Myself

If somebody doesn’t do what we want
it doesn’t mean we can judge his/ her attitude

If others are not the same as us
It does not mean he/ she is wrong
It does not mean we are more righteous

If we do something
Do it for ourselves to avoid disapppointment

Do not force others to understand
But try to be the one who understands

Differences are beautiful
Even it is not easy to appreciate the differences
Respect of difference is the key to be harmony.#.


Reminder #2

Thinking positive doesn’t make me a better person.  To be a better person, I have to put in my work.  I need to build  a newer version of myself.  A hard work will prepare myself for extraordinary destiny.#

Berpikir positif tidak membuat saya menjadi orang yang lebih baik.  Untuk menjadi orang yang lebih baik, Saya perlu membangun “diri saya versi baru”.  Kerja keras akan mempersiapkan saya kepada takdir yang luar biasa.#


Reminder #1

When we stop our step,
on the  “blame” stairs….
The conscience untouched
to fix whatever happened

Try to understand & Be understanding
so we become part of the solution.#